Bill Todino(non-registered)
Very nice website. You've got a great variety of subject matter, nicely displayed. We photograph many of the same subjects and locations! Nice talking to you at Old Town recently. Best of Luck.
Bill Ellis(non-registered)
Met you at the Riverfest yesterday. Enjoyed our talk. You are way ahead of me on landscapes. I have not shot anything in large format or infrared yet. I did kill three 35mm cameras in one cave though! Ha,,, emails with pics shortly.
Ed Kuykendall(non-registered)
May I suggest one more montage? Before you return to New Mexico, you should bring a camera to the MHCC Aquatics Center, to shoot some of your senior citizen friends in the middle of a deep-water aerobics workout. Got an underwater camera?

All your work shows admirable photographic skills, Lindsay. Thanks so much for your contribution to our lives!
Kathy Orth(non-registered)
Blast from the past - is it you Lindsay schlottman from mwc 1966?
Marchelle Hedrick(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures....thanks for sharing your work!
I love the juxtaposition of human evidence on natural landscapes that you so eloquently capture in so many different locations and spaces. I especially love how you have explored with such rich colors the timeless messages that leave your viewer entranced and thinking about the larger story that is occurring in so many of these images.
Just beautiful Lindsay - shots of the past! See you soon in OC!
Rick Mancke(non-registered)
Great pics and I liked the music too. Looking forward to more
kathleen creighton(non-registered)
Your pictures are so evocative and expressive.
Your pictures are truly beautiful, really a joy to watch and to get lost in them for a while. Great website Lindsay!
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